J and A Fargey

 "Jerry  is a hardworking and meticulous craftsman who rebuilt our kitchen this  past fall. A kitchen job is always going to be an inconvenience, but  Jerry ended the work day with the kitchen area cleaned up. He is a good  man. We valued his work ethic and his straight forward and honest  approach to costing along with his suggestions to improve form and  function without necessarily adding to cost. We are very pleased with  his work and would highly recommend him."   

Christine and Sue

 "Jerry, thank you so much for the  absolutely beautiful work that you did to make our kitchen dream come  true! We love everything and really appreciate the attention to detail  that you showed. It was such a pleasure to get to know you and to work  with you. Thank you for your patience working with the many different  trades that we brought in- we know it wasn't always easy. We will  definitely recommend you to anyone who is doing a kitchen or similar  project."